In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Festival 2024

Friday 4 Oct - Monday 7 Oct

As we welcome you here, we hope you enjoy the garden’s many rooms and the ever-changing colours. Our predecessors were inspired and have given us all a rich display, which manages to exploit the seasons. 


The style is fairly unique in the Mountains as there are few natives. We think it is full of surprises and delight.


It is quite a tough environment and from time to time the rain manages to kill some trees or hedges, but where this has happened we have tried again with different plants. We have enjoyed developing the ideas and trying new ones. 


We are particularly proud of the stone wall on the west side of the main lawn and the border in front of it, which we planted, and which reminds us of an English country garden.


But visitors will be interested in it all, we hope, and trust that you will enjoy it.