In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Six Festival Days

(Saturday - Monday)5th - 7th October 2019

(Friday - Sunday)11th - 13th October 2019

Our Gardens

In 2019 there are 10 beautiful gardens on show including a couple of returning gardens and a selection of favourites that keep our visitors coming back year after year. The gardens offer a wide range of styles and sizes to provide food for thought and inspiration for all gardeners.

The Braes Heritage Garden Estate is adjacent to the Blue Mountains World Heritage National Park and lies between an urban environment and a semi-rural one, with views to the Southern Highlands.  Its original land grants were allocated in 1882.  Please allow at least 45 minutes to view this extensive garden.

We have two gardens open for the Festival - the Lady Fairfax Garden and the Margaret Stevens Garden.

This is a garden dominated by trees, sometimes overwhelmingly so.    As trees often resist discipline, the garden has a natural disobedient air. 

Much like the resort itself, the Fairmont Resort gardens have seen significant rejuvenation over the past few years. The expansive garden area features many quiet sanctuaries accentuated by the three magnificent lakes.


The garden was created in the 1970s by Keith Knox, with “crazy paving” stone paths and walls being used to cut across a remarkably steep, east-facing site at the back of the property. The resulting vertical garden is simultaneously beautiful and challenging. 


Ewanrigg is a garden that encourages visitors to amble and explore its intricate network of pathways and steps while admiring the foresight and talent of its creator and those who have nurtured it since.

Fairways is an established garden, originally built in 1896 as one of Leura’s first guesthouses.

The best-known feature of St Annes has been its front hedge of Cypress pines, which appeared on ‘Burkes Backyard’ and as an exemplar of its kind in gardening magazines and horticultural manuals.

Glenshiel is about an acre in size and was purchased by the current owners in 2009. The garden was a blank canvas with much bush needing to be cleared.

Everglades is the largest and most famous garden designed by Paul Sorensen, Australia's "Master Gardener".

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