In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Festival 2024

Friday 4 Oct - Monday 7 Oct

We are now well advanced in the Seasons project, and the garden is a mixture of mature plants and more recently built and planted sections. 


Seasons is founded on three principles:  respect for the garden’s heritage and place on the local landscape; visual impact; and emotional connection.  Built features are intended to act as a stage, with the plantings having the starring roles, chosen as they are for style rather than botanical interest.


After a 4 year break, our garden was in the Festival last year.  Since that appearance, there has been a major reconstruction – our tall boundary hedge suffered from the excess rainfall of the last couple of years and had to be cut down and replanted.  There is quite a different vista in the front garden now as the hedge re-establishes itself.


There are many plantings that will be putting on a great spring show – the japonica camellias, over 150 azaleas, a variety of rhododendrons and the dogwood.  All the Japanese maples will be glowing with their new spring foliage.


Brigitte has planted over 1,000 tulips as well, and the alpine phlox at Seasons is famous for its carpet of intense colour.


We hope you enjoy our garden – it is, like most gardens, an ongoing project.


Directions to Seasons