In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Six Festival Days

(Saturday - Monday)5th - 7th October 2019

(Friday - Sunday)11th - 13th October 2019


Garden No 1 - Rustlings, 39 Woodford Street
Peter’s Garden courtesy of Claudia Fisk

Rustlings is a 100-year-old garden acquired by Peter and Claudia Fisk in 2000. Over a ten-year period Peter transformed it to create a wonderfully peaceful landscape with many rooms, each with a different feel and mood. There are wide lawns and tight hedges, some holding in lavender, others winding around the meandering paths.

The garden is best viewed by taking the path to the right immediately after entering. The woodland forest area hosts tall, dramatic trees including cypresses, a Himalayan cedar, and a large sequoia. A boardwalk leads over a dry creek bed with views up to the terraces and the dramatic pencil pines.

Rustlings is a contrast of sweeping views and intimate spaces such as the Silent Garden, a serene Japanese meditation space with its tea house, ponds and Himalayan weeping bamboo. Enormous trees include a magnificent mature maple, an Atlantic cedar, and a mighty oak. A cloud-pruned tree stands proud next to a Buddha amid spring green tulips, elegant grasses and feature rocks.

A succulent garden is also home to a cedrela, a Japanese yuzu and two rare oak-leafed camellias.

Whilst Rustlings is a celebration of trees in all their stately grandeur there are strong middle and lower layers, a white dogwood and weeping cherry both draping almost to the ground.

Since 2010, when Peter passed away, Claudia has been careful to retain his philosophy for Rustlings, ensuring the garden is a restful haven reflecting a sense of peace and tranquility that is in contrast to the world around it.

Directions to Rustlings

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