In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Festival 2022
We’re back!

Sat-Tues 1st to 4th October

Garden No 5 - Fairmont Resort  1 Sublime Point Road
Garden courtesy of the Fairmont Resort 

Please note that there is no charge to visit the Fairmont Resort Gardens.

Much like the resort itself, the Fairmont Resort gardens have seen significant rejuvenation over the past few years. The expansive garden area features many quiet sanctuaries accentuated by the magnificent lakes.

Take in the ornamental Liquid Ambers lining the driveway as you make your way toward the lower lake, featuring European water lilies and Koi carp lazily cruising the waters. As you walk around the lower pond, on your right you’ll see a hedge of a vigorous Juniper species.

Proceed uphill to enjoy the substantial waterfall, flanked on the far side by native ‘soft’ tree ferns (Dicksonia antarctica) with smaller native ferns at foot. Take a rest by the serene middle lake with its unique sculpture bench and placid water. Look out for the beautiful pink bell flowers of the Syzygium austral ‘express’ lilly pilly in this area.

Opposite the middle lake the garden expands out to the oval area, complete with a buxus hedge maze for a bit of fun! Follow the path toward the resort, with Callery pear trees on your left, to find yourself at the main lake where you can take a break under the gazebo.

Meander the pathways and watch out for a range of delights such as unique sculptures, a Wollemi Pine, Gymea lilies, Ginkgo Biloba trees and white-barked silver birches.

Be sure to stop off at the main resort entrance way to see the Weeping Norway Spruce; while still quite young, this tree was blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama during his 2015 visit.

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