In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

Festival 2023

Friday 29 Sept - Monday 2 Oct

A special added extra this year will be 'Geraldine's Garden Chats'. Each day of the Festival at 2pm for approx 15 minutes. Not to be missed!

Avila is a small garden approximately 14 years old.  The street verge is lined by Ginko biloba trees, which in spring burst forth in fresh bright foliage.  As you enter the garden a beautiful vista opens to the visitor.


The major elements of our garden are the enveloping hedges and gates which give a feeling of security and peace, and the ironstone walls built by Stuart McGhie from local ironstone give the garden structure and definition.  The bespoke wrought iron supports for the espaliered olive trees stand each side of the 200-year-old Anduse Pot, home of an Australian calamondin.


The garden is constantly evolving from season to season as the sunlight and shade influence the growth of the plantings.  Avila is a cool climate garden which allows us to grow camellias, rhododendrons and beautiful trees.  The Cercidifillum japonicum pendulum or katsura has a beautiful weeping form in winter, bare of leaves, or in spring with cascading new growth.


The Taxodium distichum is unusual as it is deciduous, fading to a beautiful coppery colour in autumn.  The driveway leads the visitor toward the camellia and rhododendron walk, flanked on one side by white iceberg roses and on the other azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons. 


Daffodils, tulips, and other treasures thrive in our cool climate, and during spring and summer they are a colourful sight.  Our garden gives us a great deal of pleasure and we enjoy sharing this beautiful place with our visitors.  We acknowledge the invaluable contribution made by Stuart McGhie since 2004.