In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

30 September - 8 October 2017

Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort

Garden No 6 - Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort, 20-28 Fitzroy Street
Courtesy of Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort

We have two gardens open for the Festival - the Lady Fairfax Garden and the Margaret Stevens Garden.

Lady Mabel Fairfax and her gardener Hector Hood worked on this garden from 1927 until the Leura bushfires of 1957. The original house was burnt but much of the garden survived. Lady Mabel asked Hood to make her a garden in the English style including flower borders and it would seem that the English collector was in their minds as the garden contains plants from all over the world.  

The garden contains an English oak, scarlet oak, linden tree, many Japanese maples, rhododendrons and azaleas. The wood under the English beech and silver birch is carpeted with bluebells in Spring. Hector Hood built the stream and rock pool for Lady Fairfax.

The Margaret Stevens Garden is on the first block actually bought by the resort consortium. Margaret was the wife of one of the consortium members and had built the garden around her home Ewanrigg in Gladstone Road.   Much of the garden Margaret built here no longer exists but the Shogetsu cherry, purple leafed maple, weeping elm and large conifers date from her time. Margaret Stevens was influenced by the gardens of Japan and introduced Japanese elements into the Resort gardens. The stone lantern at the Rock pool in the Fairfax Garden dates from her time.

The Olive Tree restaurant will be open during the Festival for breakfast, morning tea, light lunch, and afternoon tea.