In the Beautiful Blue Mountains

30 September - 8 October 2017

Ilion and Waitangi

Garden No 1 - Ilion and Waitangi, 89 and 88 Railway Parade
Courtesy of Deborah Whitford

Ilion is a layered garden which sweeps the street front with a magnificent New Dawn rose hedge. The footprint of the old garden has been preserved through various trees, roses and shrubs however Ilion’s garden was changed from a residential garden into principally an office garden about eight years ago.

Waitangi, the house, was completed after seven years of restoration and negotiation two years ago and the front garden transformed from a building site into a beautiful period style garden which has matured to sit gracefully around the house and gallery within our heritage neighbourhood. The rear garden was a lengthy project which has evolved over the past eight years.

Both front gardens were well established and therefore we have worked with the different climatic conditions created by existing old trees and the houses they surround. Ilion is in essence quite unchanged whereas Waitangi is almost unrecognisable. 

At the rear of the houses some magnificent deodar trees over a hundred years old, create an urban forest, along with lawns, lush garden beds, sculptures, some magnificent pots, a pond, a walled vegetable garden and a new maple garden.

The garden is owned by Deborah Whitford through her company Arunta Investments and employs local workmen and artisans. The garden is maintained as an organic garden and has been planted to change with and take advantage of our four distinct seasons. “It is a garden that is part of our daily experience as we walk through it and we eat the food that grows in it. We revel in the changing seasons and take refuge in its calm and changing beauty”.

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